Stage to Farm to Table

In an effort to win over the millennial audience from low-cost fast food restaurants, like Chipotle, Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of Elon Musk, changed the game with a radically different affordable and nutritious option. His farm-to-table food concepts called Next Door American Eatery and The Kitchen are in 16 locations with plans to expand. In each, he has partnered directly with farmers in the area with a menu that will highlight what’s easy for local farmers to grow (and sell). These principles are trending across fine-dining establishments, but here’s where Musk differs: his average entree is priced at or below $10. He is also Staging the ideal environment for millennials to hang out (safely during the COVID-19 pandemic) including full table service, happy hour, patio spaces, and weekly events.

To drive appreciative younger consumers into his spaces, Musk started Square Roots, an urban farming incubator program that installed “Learning Gardens” in over 300 schools across the country. The students who benefit from Square Roots are sure to be loyal consumers of Next Door in the future. “Next Door is about human trust — Where does the food come from? Is the farmer treated well? Is it nourishing for the body? Is it nourishing for the community and the planet? Our constituency really cares about all these things,” Musk says.

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