SPARK Volume 5 – The Power of Connection

Connection. It’s the energy that ties you to a person, a place, a memory – a relationship to your team members, to yourself, and to your work. It is one of the most vital aspects of our existence.

When we use last month’s principle of Intention as a guide and decision filter, something powerful happens – we are Connected to a greater whole. It’s no surprise then that, as we wrap up our focus on Intention, we are moving to the principle of Connection.

As leaders, we are the Connective tissue and the bridge between people, between partners, and between goals. Understanding and creating a Connection across all of the disciplines in the work we do ensures that all of the pieces fit into the whole and that we’re aiming to make a better Experience for our team members, providers, patients, and guests.

While Intention is a practice that can be done solitarily, Connection, by definition, requires an “other” – another person, another team, another goal we’re trying to reach. When we make the Connection and Connect-the-dots, we are bridging the gap of the unknown. We are the glue.

Healing requires Connections — between doctors and patients, between patients and family members, between the many members of our care teams. These are the Connections that define our patients’ memories of our hospitals. When their families think of our organizations, they remember the way our triage team held their loved one’s hands and told them they were going to heal.

Write down the people and things you feel the strongest Connections with. What strengths are you bringing, and what sustenance are they providing you? How do you maintain this Connection over time?