Noticing as a Leader

While the word on its own may sound simple or passive, “Noticing” holds immense power in leadership. When we take the time to truly Notice the details, actions, behaviors, and consequences of our own work and the work of those around us, we become responsible for addressing what we see, whether good or bad.

Noticing creates room for praise, for gratitude, for mentoring in the moment, and for growth opportunities. It takes an insightful individual to Notice; it takes a leader to act on what is Noticed.

In addition to our Noticing Sparks below, we have also curated a few beautiful stories of the compassionate and courageous leadership we have been Noticing outside of our health care realm amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, was one of the first to close its doors to put team members first, Brené Brown, through her new podcast Unlocking Us, digs deep into naming the feelings we are having and talking about the emotional strain it is having on everyone, and AllBird CEO Tim Brown committed to donating a pair of Wool Runners to thank a health care professional with every purchase.

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