Some Football Loving

We have discovered a Wholehearted football tradition at the University of Iowa that brings huge smiles to our faces. What began as a Facebook suggestion is now a full-blown movement. 

The University’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital sits adjacent to the football field, and their wonderful, young patients have an incredible view on game day. The children in the hospital watch the game in a “tailgate” on the top floor of the building. Between the first and second quarters, the hometown crowd turns around, looks up, and waves to the children and their families to let them know they’re rooting for them, too. The kids wave right back enthusiastically. And for night games when the kids can’t see the wave? Don’t worry, fans will be shining their phone flashlights high and bright. Fight! Fight! Fight! For Iowa, indeed.

What Wholehearted moments of joy and connection can we build into our unique places and spaces? How might we change the view of what is seen or Experienced through our many windows? How might our windows become windows of possibility?

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