Reimagining Brick and Mortar

Everyone’s favorite e-retailer took it up a notch in their quest to reshape the shopping Experience.  In an effort to meet each of its customers’ needs in a more timely fashion than ever before, Amazon continues to experiment in the more “traditional” retail model of a physical storefront with AmazonFresh. Don’t be fooled, these locations are anything but traditional. From cashier-free grocery stores to virtual reality driven appliance and furniture showrooms, Amazon is Personalizing the shopping Experience for its customers giving additional choices in the way to buy groceries. An additional bonus, having more physical storefronts will expedite the time it takes to get products from warehouses to the front doors of those customers who prefer to do their shopping online.

Which of your online processes could be better as an in-person Experience? How can you Personalize these Experiences even further?

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