Put on Your Spanx

One might be surprised to hear lawyer-turned-stress-and-resilience-coach Paula Davis-Laack’s number one piece of advice when speaking with dissatisfied professionals: put on your Spanx for work. Metaphorically, of course. Davis-Laack uses Spanx as a metaphor for how we can reshape certain aspects of our jobs to better utilize our personal passions and strengths. While the act of job crafting may seem elusive to many of us, there are clear steps we can take to reshape our job to fit each of us as individual leaders.

First, take a strengths assessment to understand what you do well. Pick one to two strengths to focus on integrating more fully into work. Next, list out the job demands (the parts of your job that consistently take great effort and energy) and job resources (the parts of your job that give you a sense of meaning). Make sure to include more resources than demands. Finally, use what you learned from the first two activities to create your job-crafting plan. Map out what changes you’re going to make over a four-week period to ensure that you’re not only showing off your most valuable assets and strengths, but also making yourself feel empowered while doing so.

It’s possible that within our organizations there are team members whose strengths aren’t being utilized. How can we reshape their positions to take advantage of their natural state of being to benefit our teams, our patients, and our guests?