Prescription Glasses for Your Ears?

When a composer, an audiologist, and an entrepreneur get together, you get incredibly Personalized products such as Even’s over-ear and in-ear headphones that tune the sound independently for each ear. Powered by their “onboard hearing test” which tests eight frequencies in your ears and then determines your “EarPrint” (the way you hear and Experience sound), Even’s headphones tune in real time to create an immersive sound Experience just for you. What some are calling the prescription glasses for your ears, Even headphones highlight the unique and beautiful differences in each person’s hearing and also protect your ears by not allowing you to crank the volume too high to overcompensate for hearing challenges. That’s music to our ears.

We have the privilege of getting to know our patients and their unique hopes, preferences, and needs. What existing technologies might we better customize to meet those needs?

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