Plants as Props

The great outdoors is providing solace and comfort for many during the pandemic and also sparking unique ideas and activations with nature and plants around the world.  In Poland, an architect designed a checkerboard lawn to safely attract visitors to the park.  By letting parts of the glass grow tall, and manicuring other parts, guests are able to hang out separately, yet together.  The Opera reopened in Barcelona to an audience of plants in its 2,292 seats and while being live streamed into homes. The plants came from a local nursery and after the concert were donated to 2,292 health care professionals to recognize their gallant effort at the forefront of the epidemic.  And finally, hundreds of giant white hearts – appropriately spaced apart – have been painted in parks in Bristol England. Each heart serves as a personal space in the park, helping visitors stay safe, enjoy the outdoors, and remember that tackling the virus is an act of LOVE.

What visual cues or props might we use to create thoughtful and simple reminders for team members, providers, patients, or guests to stay safe? What outdoor spaces might we imagine anew?