Orchestrating 100% Participation in Meetings

Let’s reflect on the meetings within our organizations. Are meetings conducted with 100% participation from all team members? What is the dynamic?  Do any players regularly dominate in the gatherings?

Just like conducting an orchestra, conducting a meeting requires the leader to bring together the unique talents of each individual player for the desired outcome.  Meetings need clear Orchestration and this article proposes 5 key questions leaders should  ask and answer  to get everyone to play a part and contribute 100% to the meeting outcomes.

  1. How come some members hold back?
  2. What prevents them from participating?
  3. What part do they play on the team?
  4. What unique talent or strength do they possess?
  5. Are they aware of their strengths?

The questions aren’t linear and any one yes leads to another question worth considering. It is less important how much someone contributes as it is that each participates at the crucial moment that their specific input is needed and valued.  As leaders, we Orchestrate the flow of meetings and ensure everyone has a meaningful part to play in the cohesive whole.

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