Orchestration and the Symphony of Healing

This month, we dive into the concept of what it means to Intentionally connect-the-dots to ensure a seamless, harmonic, Orchestrated Experience. We also explore the parallels of music and conductors. How does a conductor LEAD without speaking? What are some of their techniques for bringing out the best in their musicians? How is the whole of a symphony greater than the sum of its individual instrumentalists?

We will also look inward at our own organizations. Neither are we defined by a single “instrument” or “musician”— our brilliance comes from our physicians, nurses, technicians, and administrators working together as a harmonic whole. We are defined by the Experience created by our entire Orchestra of virtuosos. Though one violinist may be the very best in the field, it’s the coming together of all instruments that makes an orchestra magical. So it is for us—a bedside caregiver is only as great as the many experts who come together in service for that patient.

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