On Being

We are not the only ones reflecting on the important nature of Being; Krista Tippett devotes her whole podcast to it. “On Being” is a weekly conversation between long-time journalist and radio host, Tippett, and her guest of the week. Exploring topics of spirituality, LIVING, LOVING, and other pieces of life that define our ability to be, the show opens your mind to how experts on Being improve their personal practice and integrate it into their work. Take, for instance, this episode featuring Brother David Steindl-Rast. A Benedictine monk and a champion of interfaith dialogue, Brother David shares how Gratitude and gratefulness have guided his life’s work and provides ways to integrate these qualities into our own practice of Being.

Consider how gratefulness or spirituality might inform the way individuals on our teams approach their work? How about how they inform the healing journey of our patients?

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