The Riveter, Seattle’s co-working space just for women, emphasized more than just ensuring the success of female professionals. Driven to encourage women to stop sacrificing self-care for success, The Riveter’s co-founders made a point of prioritizing the infusion of wholeness principles and practices into the physical space.  

With in-depth racial equality programming, yoga studios, and meeting rooms filled with vinyl records meant to be enjoyed, their places were Staged to disrupt the presumption that you have to choose work over well-being. We have been inspired by their holistic vision for physical places and have also been watching closely for how the pandemic will impact co-working spaces. During the course of this devastating pandemic, The Riveter founders swiftly pivoted from the power of physical placemaking to the energy of a robust virtual community for women and converted The Riveter to a completely virtual space that continues to be a thriving resource for working women.

* In what ways might we Stage Experiences for our team members that are inclusive of self-care? How will our shift to untraditional work places and spaces create an opportunity to create more meaningful and robust online communities?

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