This Month in “Big E Experience” Brain Training

We understand– Noticing can be hard when there’s so much on your plate. Not to fear. There’s an easy way to “win” the Noticing game: mindfulness. Mindfulness expert Cara Bradley equated Noticing to your brain’s bicep curl. Noticing encourages focusing on where you’re meant to be, both physically and mentally, in the present moment.

In fact, the entire purpose of meditation, one of the most common practices of mindfulness, is Noticing. Noticing breath. Noticing thoughts entering and exiting your brain. Noticing the ache in your hip or the itch on your cheek. When we Notice, we tune into the most innate, raw, natural state of ourselves and our surroundings. And Noticing is catching on in the corporate world, too. As Bradley notes, “injecting a corporate culture with a fresh dose of mindfulness not only improves employees’ focus, but also their ability to manage stress and collaborate. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Take three minutes to practice self Noticing. Sit in a comfortable position and set a timer on the phone. Close your eyes and breathe deeply–in through your nose and out through your mouth. Notice what the air feels like as it’s entering your nostrils. Notice where the breath is headed within the body with each inhale. Upon exhalation, Notice what might be worth letting go. Is it stress? Concern? A to-do list? Notice as you let them go and thank them for being there.

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