Maybe She’s Born with It…

The beauty industry may not be your first thought of where to turn when learning about the powers of Personalization, but that’s what we’re here for. Take a peek at the Lip Lab in New York City. While currently closed as a result of COVID-19, this lipstick haven guides customers through the ultimate personalization journey. A Lip Lab Artist helps guests create their own personal shade, with a custom finish and scent. It’s made on the spot, and guests walk out of the store with their very own custom lipstick.

Too far from your health care frame of reference? Maybe this is a little closer: Curology is a San Diego-based custom acne treatment company. After sharing information about your skin, along with photos, their team of medical experts formulates a bottle of topical acne medication specific to your needs, assigns you a medical expert to coach you through your healing, and helps track your progress.

Both of these exemplars demonstrate how taking the time to get to know someone can, in turn, both Personalize and improve the Experience you create.

These companies customize products on the spot. How might we Personalize an Experience for a guest who is already in the building? What simple questions might we ask them at check-in to help Personalize a better Experience?

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