Losing Sight, Gaining Perspective

In 1983, John Hull was thrust into total blindness and Experienced a complete perspective shift. He began what would become a 16-year-long audio diary and eventually a film, Notes on Blindness, as he grappled with understanding the Experience. While the film itself is a spectacular embodiment of the Experiences of someone who loses his sight later in life, a companion to the film is what we’re most inspired by: the virtual reality Experience. In an effort to immerse viewers into Hull’s Experience of blindness, a talented team of virtual reality art directors, producers, and filmmakers created this free accompaniment to the film. Using binaural sound (each side of the headset playing slightly different sounds much like we experience in day-to-day life) and abstract visuals, the VR Experience teaches those with sight how those without it interact with the space around them.

Think of a sense or awareness you might take for granted? How might your day-to-day Experience change if it were removed? How would your work be affected? What can you gain from these insights?

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