LOOKING at Personalized Learning

The notion of a classroom and education is being LOOKED at with fresh eyes as students across the country spent their spring semesters learning from home due to COVID-19.   To date, “Personalized learning” has equated to a computer-based education system that allows students to set their own goals and pace and receive instructions via algorithms at the point where they individually need it. This podcast explores the benefit of the approach. And while it is based on an individual’s skills and has been a wonderful support piece of the teaching puzzle, in it’s current form, it’s not the perfect answer.

This Forbes piece proposes a new definition for consideration.  What if this fall Personalized learning meant designing an education Experience that was just right for each child?  It would require more time, more resources, more effort, and yet it may be the beacon of possibility schools need to design toward for students to thrive in what will certainly be a different beginning to the new school year.


LOOKING at our own learning tools and techniques, what might we need to modify? What questions could we ask to understand how each team members best learns? How might this insight inform and influence the environment and approach we take?