Life-Saving Body Art

This piece is really about new ideas taking the Stage. It makes us wonder – how might a tattoo save a life? Researchers at MIT Media Lab have a new project that might make everyone rethink how they feel about tattoos in health care. DermalAbyss explores the possibilities of tattoo ink that serves as a biosensor to measure changes in glucose, sodium, or pH. Those with the tattoos would merely have to look for a change in the ink’s color to know that there’s a shift in their body. It’s in its early phases, but this simple prop turns the body’s surface into an interactive display, setting the stage for a new level of awareness. To further dive into the idea of health care wearables, enjoy this incredible TED talk from UCSD’s Todd Coleman on a temporary tattoo that brings hospital care to the home.

*In what ways can we Stage Experiences for our team members, providers, patients, and guests that not only makes their Experience more Personalized and enjoyable, yet also streamlines our internal processes?

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