Learning from Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has great lessons for how to lead with empathy. While leaders can be pinned as being strong, hard, pragmatic figures in their organizations, Nadella has proven that this does not have to be the case to be successful. Nadella embodies the strength of empathic leadership in five ways:

  • the power of exposing our personal weaknesses
  • leading all interactions with what’s going well
  • practicing urgent patience when facing challenges
  • relying on the “growth mindset” when reviewing team member performance
  • actively using empathy as a tool

His results speak for themselves. Nadella has dramatically revived Microsoft’s reputation and relevance, and in less than four years, they have seen $250 billion in market value gains.

How does Nadella challenge the view of how a successful leader looks? Pick one of his practices and introduce it into the week ahead – take note of how interactions with team members change.

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