How to Lead Your Orchestra

There are invaluable lessons to be learned from conductors, and—in this piece — author, thought leader, and publisher Michael Hyatt shares the eight lessons that he gleaned from renowned conductor Hugh Wolff. These simple insights can be applied to all of our work as leaders of teams: we must have a plan, recruit the best players, make our work visible, LEAD with our hearts, delegate intelligently, be aware of our gestures and impact, keep our backs to the audience, and share the spotlight.

LEADING in this way creates a harmony not only in the way we work but also in the way our work is seen and understood. Whether we lead a team of business minds or health care practitioners, these eight guidelines ensure our success among our team members and hearken back to beginning with Intention and finding ways to Connect the work to the people behind the work.

How are we conducting our teams? What might we be saying without speaking? When is the last time we openly shared the spotlight?

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