Hello Transparent Masks

So much of our Experience comes to life through our team members and is conveyed through their words and body language. Today, face masks are “must-have” safety equipment and while they are critical to keeping team and patients safe and healthy, they pull a curtain on what our team members are saying, their facial expression and body language — often muting the warmth, attentiveness, and humanity.  Thankfully EPFL’s EssentialTech programme and Empa St. Gallen (Swiss Institute of Materials) has been hard at work on the HelloMask Project — creating a “fully transparent surgical mask that will soon be produced on an industrial scale” to make the health care Experience more humane.   

It’s not the first transparent mask designed yet HelloMask sets the Stage for a new type of Experience.  Recognizing how much was missed by not seeing the subtle non-verbal cues of caregivers,  HelloMask is designing a class 1 bio-based, degradable medical device to “improve the quality of life for vulnerable patients.’ From helping the deaf community read lips to children feeling at ease, this mask improves empathy — and the overall Experience.

Consider what other aspects of our Experience cover or mute our best intentions. In what ways might we design and stage a more human and humane Experience?

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