Health Heroes Stories

Since April 2020, the New York Times has artfully brought health care heroes Stories to life through the COVID-19 pandemic. This powerful tapestry of personal narratives from physicians, nurses, and care teams on the forefront of the pandemic tell the real story and impact of the virus. Each hero shares their unique perspective and interactions from these challenging times —  pulling back the curtain to the emotional strain and fatigue COVID-19 has placed on caregivers, patients, and families alike. It’s an important reminder to pause and ask questions, truly listen and learn other people’s stories. Simple prompts such as “what brought light to your day?” or “how are you taking care of yourself?” have the potential to unearth amazing Stories of Connection, bravery, and hope.  And in sharing these stories with others, it becomes an invisible thread that ties us to one another, creating a shared Experience.

The Experience Lab has also created a Storytelling mechanism to honor and celebrate health care heroes. The Health Hero Hotline amplifies the voices of citizens eager to share their gratitude with health care workers. These stories of hope and encouragement have become the soundtrack in breakrooms,  lunchrooms and drive time playlists.  

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