Healing Cancer Worksheets for Caregivers

When April Star, a designer, lost her husband Lucas to cancer, she channeled her grief into creating something good—5 downloadable, simple cancer worksheets for future families and caregivers to use in order to track their unique condition and treatment process.   

The worksheets are tools she wished she had during her own cancer journey. April shared in this Fast Company article “I was struck at how little anybody helped us understand what was happening.” While there were many specialists attending to their case, there was no centralized resource or clear narrative of Lucas’s condition to help them feel knowledgeable about his well being.   April was LOOKING for the right questions to ask, simple definitions to decode medical terms, and methods for managing his treatment and designed just what she needed.

By seeing our world through the eyes of our patients or their loved ones, how might we better Personalize their Experience? What would help individuals feel like we have created tools and methods that are exactly what they need? What simple tools might help our patients and their loved ones feel more personally in control of their treatment?

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