Giving Wholeheartedly

There’s something incredibly powerful about the practice of giving. This moving video displays that generosity is a strong thread in the practice of wholeheartedness; when we give something, whether tangible or intangible, merely for the purpose of gifting it to someone, that energy changes us both for the better. We all give in different ways whether by making donations, by cooking for others, by helping those who have less, and more.

Selfless giving is key. As one individual stated in the video, we must “not have the expectation of getting something in return,” because giving is not transactional.

What would happen if we incorporated this Wholehearted practice of giving in our work? What if we viewed the Experiences we’re creating every day – and the time, energy, and compassion we have for our work – as the gift we’re giving to our team members, providers, patients, and guests?

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