Experience the Drive-In

The rapid transformation of our places and spaces due to pandemic constraints is creating a new canvas for imagining and designing safe and unique ways to gather.  Innovators across the country are finding thoughtful, creative ways to refresh some old concepts and design entirely new Experiences. Drive-in venues are popping up everywhere. Indoor theaters are now providing outdoor drive-in options. Walmart is transforming 160 of its parking lots into drive-in theaters, offering curbside pickup for food and snacks during the shows. And many existing drive-in movie theaters are adding live shows and concerts to their summer schedule with car-side dinner services. As Governor Andrew M. Cuomo commented in this brief “Talk about going back to the future,” parking-lot drive-ins are a low risk entertainment option providing people with a safe, social(ly distant) Experience to gather and enjoy.

As you add new drive-up, drive-through, and curbside clinical offerings, what unique details might you add to those Experiences? Take stock of unused parking or newly vacated spaces and consider how these might become new Stages to activate?