Exercise with Soul

It’s not just an exercise class; it’s a movement. SoulCycle has turned the concept of exercise into a way of life with Wholehearted devotees. By focusing on the entire mind-body Experience and integrating brand, atmosphere, community, and attitude, the company has created a fresh new concept in wellness. Classes take place in a candlelit studio with a coach encouraging you to be stronger tomorrow than you are today.  It’s social. Joyful. Musical. And members share a common bond of seeking a healthier life, not just sweating out calories. The company’s first integrated marketing campaign, “Find It,” talks about finding yourself and tapping into your own greatness. In other words, discover what happens when a company goes in courageously with their whole heart and you do too.

While a pandemic way of life puts constraints on Soul Cycle and other fitness based movements (Peloton, Daybreaker) it also inspires these human based brands to elevate their empathy practice in a virtual world. 

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