Drive or Be Driven?

The latest transportation research shows that there’s a better way for humans and cars to work in concert. While many of us fantasize about the days when our driverless cars will take us from meeting to meeting while we catch up on emails, researchers are actually pursuing a slightly different version. What if we still drove the car and when our mindfulness slipped, the car took over? The car serves as more of a guardian angel than a chauffeur. This thinking combines the most powerful states of Being from the human mind – alertness, attentiveness, and the ability to think and process – with the most advanced states of technological Being from the smart car. The two have more of a symbiotic relationship, and, in return, we arrive safely.

Exciting new technologies are being introduced every day. In what ways can we stay abreast of the best technology has to offer while also staying present, connected, and human?

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