Deeply Personal Tunes

If you’re an avid Spotify user, you may have found yourself falling in love with the “Discover Weekly” playlist. Updated every Monday, Discover Weekly is a curated playlist of songs made especially for you. The secret behind this deeply Personalized list is an ever-changing algorithm that leverages Spotify’s two billion playlists and targets individual tastes. The software engineer behind this powerful algorithm, Edward Newett, attributes the success of Discover Weekly to the fact that it is tailored to the individual user. “We’re finding ways, through Personalized cover art and also by adding a track that we think would be familiar to you – based on artists you’ve listened to – to draw you in initially.”

Spotify might just know you better than you know yourself. And now, Spotify is putting music compatibility to the test with its product “Blend” which creates a playlist for two users, as they refer to it “multi-user personalization.”  It’s such an interesting way to help people connect and find common interests. 

What forms of Personalizing are we already using to track patient or team member information? How might we tap into that information to create an Experience for them that is truly Personalized?

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