Custom Outdoor Spaces, Designed All Online

With many spending more time at home than ever, creating an outdoor space that feels “uniquely like you” is more important than ever. Yet it’s hard to know what to do or where to begin especially in the midst of a pandemic. Enter Yardzen.

 Yardzen is a 100% online Experience that allows users to “design a backyard of their dreams from the convenience of their phone” (or computer). The steps are easy and the app is simple to use—which is part of the appeal.  Customers choose from three custom packages ranging from partial yard to full yard or just botanicals (plants) – then complete a design profile and upload photos and video of their space. Next, a design team utilizes these elements, the unique design profile, and Google satellite imagery and data to create your personal rendering of the property. 

Jeremy Brill, our Chief Experience Officer, introduced us to this Personalizing exemplar while in the process of his own backyard design. When asked why he chose Yardzen, he said “It is simply personal. The perfect blend of customer input through a backyard design survey and profile [selecting preferred images of backyard aesthetics], and introducing a skilled team of designers, botanists, and landscape architects who are committed to imagining what your backyard could be. It creates confidence in the design process and trust that there is a team working to enliven something just for me.”

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