Compassion Connects

Practicing compassion doesn’t just make us feel good— it actually betters our professional lives too. Through compassion, we can create essential bonds with team members that have been shown to help us be more resilient and more creative – and even help us live longer. So how do we do it? The authors of this Harvard Business Review article define compassion as “a 4-part Experience of Noticing someone’s distress or pain, interpreting it as relevant and important, feeling concern for that person or group, and acting to alleviate their pain.” Through understanding, and practicing these four steps, we can bring compassion into the workplace and increase meaning in our relationships and our work. Rather than ignoring issues when we see them arise, we should acknowledge them and reach out with compassion. It will be better for us all.

How might we acknowledge suffering, confusion, or apathy with open ears, an open mind, and an open heart to allow for new possibilities?

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