Coming Back for Shake Shack

Danny Meyer, the culinary genius behind restaurants such as Shake Shack and Union Square Cafe, knows that his customer loyalty doesn’t stem from great food but from the feeling of recognition he gives his customers. Personalization is a great tool for recognizing a customer or guest – it validates their existence and the part they play in the Experience. When we acknowledge the humanity behind the customer, each individual is more likely to return to your organization again and again. Much like in the culinary industry, there are many opportunities for Personalizing in health care: remembering guests by name, understanding and accommodating dietary restrictions, and offering unique Experiences for guests celebrating a special day.

Meyer is now applying the Shake Shack hospitality ethos to its investment in Panera Bread by focusing on attracting a higher caliber employee with a higher than average minimum wage for tipped restaurant workers.  His hope is that creating an employee-first environment will not only make team members happy, it will also have a positive direct impact on the guest Experience.

In what ways could we recognize and remember guests?

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