Cheers to Beers (and Tears)

We love this Perspective Shifting, tear-inducing inspiration from a surprising brand – Heineken. Celebrating differences of opinion, belief, and self, this provocative ad encourages people to have difficult conversations in order to shift perspective and find common ground. Not only does the video demonstrate a great way to encourage Perspective Shifting among personal differences, but it also encourages Perspective Shifting within a traditionally surface-level industry. While most adult beverage ads feature scantily clad partiers in nightclubs, Heineken took a risk that we’re most grateful for – straying from the industry trends and truly humanizing their product. Cheers.

Our organizations are great because of the individual differences within. What can we take from this commercial in terms of encouraging our team members (and ourselves) to shift perspective when interacting with team members, providers, patients, and guests who may see the world differently? How will we pave the way to find common ground?

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