Carry Being in Your Pocket

As we learn more about the physical and mental benefits of mindfulness, apps such as “Calm” and “Headspace” have become incredibly popular. These apps provide techniques for mindfulness and meditation – integrating the power of smart technology with the age-old wisdom of slowing down to breathe. The apps offer guided meditations, music features, notifications and reminders, and even a timer to set how long you’d like calming sounds to play as you drift off to sleep. 

These apps make Being much more accessible for anyone. In just 10 minutes, whether on our morning walk, during a quick quiet moment of respite, or over a lunch break, our phones can serve as a transportation device to settling in and Being in the present.

Download one of the apps above to Experience mindfulness. How might we take advantage of this at the ready mindfulness at the patient bedside, in our team member lounges, and in our public spaces?

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