The Beauty of Grating Cheese

To Notice is to thoughtfully acknowledge what some may deem invisible. This thoughtful episode of This American Life uses its mastery in storytelling to address many topics that the average human may not Notice. Most connected to the work we do is “Act Three: Stiff as a Board, Light as a Feather” where the then terminally ill David Rakoff, challenged by the loss of the use of his left arm, finds beauty in normal living that we don’t acknowledge or see until it’s too late—things like being able to grate cheese normally. So simple, so obvious – until you try it with one hand. David’s lighthearted approach to a challenging situation demonstrates how he saw life through a different lens and Noticed how things worked in a wholly new way.


What are some tasks we do every day that we simply take for granted? What tools help us? What might happen without these tools?

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