Be With The Art

The Quin Hotel decided to create an immersive guest Experience and embrace the essence of Manhattan by beginning an artist-in-residence program in the early 2000’s. Yet they didn’t just hire an artist. They hired graffiti artists to paint the walls, display their work, and interact with the guests. By taking the diverse spirit of the city into their place of work, Quin integrated what some would see as opposing forces. The results have been outstanding; artists now flock to Quin to participate as artists in residence, and in addition to living and working at Quin, the greatest benefit is guests becoming familiar with their art. (The only hitch so far was when Blek le Rat, a French stencil graffiti specialist, was nearly arrested when police saw him stenciling on a hotel door – but the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up!) 

Health systems now are adopting art residency programs and expanding the concept with musicians, dancers, choreographers, and visual artists. In San Diego, music is proving to be a “soothing treatment for worn-down spirits and fatigue” at UC San Diego Health and Scripps Mercy.  At New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital, bedside concerts are providing comfort to ICU patients with COVID-19 who are alone in their rooms. These concerts in particular are a result of a partnership with Project: Music Heals Us, a nonprofit that organizes free classical concerts in nursing homes, hospices, prisons, homeless shelters and refugee centers.  The hope is the music provides patients and team members a brief moment of respite to feel the music and simply Be.

Our places make wonderful stages for a wide array of talents and artistry to flourish. What “In Residency” programs would benefit our team or our patients? How might we identify the diverse talents and qualities within our communities and teams and invite them to be front and center?

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