Are You LIVING for Your Resume or Your Eulogy?

New York Times columnist and deep thinker David Brooks compels us to think about who we really are in this inspiring TED Talk. Brooks proposes that there are two selves within us: the one we can define by our resume and the one we can define by our eulogy. While one is mired with titles, successes, creation, and the climbing of ladders, the other is filled with stories of love, heartbreak, selflessness, and values. We don’t have to choose one or the other— we are intrinsically both.

After watching David reflect on these two selves in his sub-five-minute TED Talk, pick up a copy of his book, The Road to Character, to delve deeper into all of these issues.

This time of pandemic is filled with life’s big questions and unexpected and unimaginable loss. How might we make time with our team members for the big questions—pondering and discussing what matters most?

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