​​​​Alfresco Chats Fuel Connection

Jose Carlos Sanchez, mayor of a small town in Algar Spain, reignited an age-old cultural ritual of nightly outdoor chats known in Spanish as ‘charla al fresco’ to fuel Connection.  Sanchez noticed people were spending too much time on social media, feeling socially isolated and lonely, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic. He encouraged the practice of outdoor chats to the community to bolster mental health and wellness.  When the sun sets, neighbors gather safely on their front steps to catch up on the day. “It’s like a therapy session for residents offering psychological release and keeping loneliness at bay.” The simple act of being together, asking questions, listening intently, and sharing stories with one another helps  people feel Connected. 

What Intentional daily or weekly rituals might we create to simply Connect with others? What questions would we ask? How might creating space for Connection impact the cultural fabric of our organization?