Alexa M.D.

In this Digital Trends article, Alexa may one day be more than a smart assistant – she wants to be your doctor, Amazon has a dedicated health and wellness team to focus on making Alexa more helpful in health care. While still a ways away from solving the challenges of HIPAA regulations and privacy laws, the possibilities of this statement are already coming to life. During COVID-19, Amazon Alexa learned to search across all of Northwell Health emergency departments to deliver current wait times and Mayo Clinic launched a new skill for Alexa to put the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic just a question away.  As we continue to unleash these powerful new technologies, it’s not a question of if Alexa can make an impact on health care; it’s simply a question of how much of an impact it will make.

In what ways might we imagine activating Alexa? In patient rooms as a virtual assistant personalizing music and lighting preferences? Or what about in an operating room helping providers with safety checklists? Think of ways this Perspective Shifting technology might improve Experience for team members, providers, patients and guests within our organizations.