A Visible Shift

Some colors are more powerful than others. In the case of 555-nanometer-wavelength green, it’s a perspective shifter that engages the most cones in your eyes and is the most visible color to the human eye. A strong visual cue, this bright green is used by athletic clothing company Vollebak to ensure that athletes don’t go unnoticed when practicing at night. The bright green can be seen in many different levels of light and will make you as noticeable as possible. Need even more reason to wear Vollebak’s athletic layer? They’re covered in reflective dots on the touchpoints used by special effect producers to pick up human movement so that even someone who is color blind would see you.

With so many patients in our hospitals, clinics, and health care systems, it is possible for some patients to feel unnoticed. What sensory cues can we put in place to ensure that we don’t miss any opportunity to engage with our patients and guests? How might we make it easy to know and notice a first-time patient or a long-time, loyal friend?

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