Day: April 13, 2020

Volume 15 – Noticing Details Large and Small

Noticing takes practice. In this most unusual time, there are incredible insights, ideas and innovations we are Noticing emerge in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Attention to details large and small, that are worth spotlighting, as businesses do their part to support flattening the curve. LUSH is promoting hand washing guidelines and offering free hand washing stations in their storefronts in the UK.  Delta Flight Products shifted its attention from making aircraft interiors to making face shields to support health caregivers. And Zappos is repurposing what it does best—providing exceptional customer service and helping people find answers for anything. It’s inspiring to see so many industries pivoting to do what they can to make the Experience better for everyone. 

In this time of COVID, are you Noticing daily details more vividly? Take time to Notice if  there are small moments or elements from our day (of which we may have previously been blinded to) that are now more present and in our sights.

Seeing with Sound

Sonic astrophysicist Wanda Diaz Merced studies the stars in an unconventional way: through listening.When she lost her sight halfway through her career, instead of losing hope, she got creative and found a new way to Notice the stars about which she was so passionate. We tend to first Notice with our eyes, yet how might we use our other senses to Notice as well? Think about our workplaces and the Experiences we create there. How do other senses, such as sound or smell, shape the Experience of our internal and external customers? Think about our waiting spaces, offices, or lounge areas. Do our places feel warm and inviting or sterile and isolating? Are they loud or soothing? What provokes our sense of smell or touch? What kind of impressions emerge when we immerse ourselves in those spaces with our eyes closed?


The Anti-Noticing

While we may feel more distracted now than ever, the notion of distraction has been around since the beginning of humanity. Plato, Shakespeare, Homer, and even the Greek god Hercules, acknowledged and used distractions. This provocative piece in the Harvard Business Review by Michael Lipson, a clinical psychologist, explores the history of a distracted mind and shows how we can examine our own distractions to understand how to create greater focus.

Whether the tactic is used in meditation, in a meeting, or while trying to meet a deadline for an important report, Lipson agrees that when we intentionally acknowledge and Notice our distraction, we have a choice to refocus on the task at hand instead of floating idly into mind-space.

This Week in “Big E Experience”: Keep Climbing

Pre COVID-19, catalysts in The Experience Lab spent much of our time on Delta Airlines. It is an airline The Lab has trusted and admired for their commitment to their Experience, from the inside out. During these difficult times, we’ve continued to Notice and the positive way Delta is communicating details. CEO Ed Bastian sent a memo first to team members clarifying Delta’s commitment and the safety measures being put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. Next, he shared with customers Delta’s commitment to extending SkyMiles through 2021, waiving travel fees and sharing news of the new “Delta Clean.” This small message, while seemingly insequential to some, matters to so many and demonstrates the power of small details in the alignment of brand message and brand Experience, 

In unprecedented times, Delta is also exemplifying why it matters that we experiment, learn, and grow every step of the way. Delta shares frequently the many ways they are learning from this Experience. It’s what we call “Experience Resilience,” and it’s as important in health care as it is in the airline industry.

What are you Noticing about how organizations are communicating during this time of crisis? Is the communication amplifying or detracting from the overall brand Experience? What small details are making the greatest difference?