Angie Boucher

Chief Business Officer

Why I’m Here

My first job out of college was a marketing position at a small community hospital that was part of a larger regional health care system. This hospital was unlike any other that I had Experienced — or what I thought hospitals were. Volunteers baked chocolate chip cookies in the lobby, complementary therapies like massage and aromatherapy were offered at the bedside, and every team member did their part to personalize, humanize, and demystify the Experience for patients and their loved ones.

This opportunity opened my eyes to new possibilities and sparked a passion inside of me. I am here to make a difference in people’s lives through the vital and meaningful work we are doing to heal the health care Experience from the Inside Out. It’s what fills me up and drives me to be the best I can each and every day.

As Chief Business Officer, I oversee the “business of the business” and operations of the Lab. I find great joy whenever a new opportunity to bring new experiments and Experiences to life comes along.

Where She’s Been

For 10 years as a member of the marketing department at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego, CA, she was instrumental in bringing the organization’s brand Experience to life through multi-faceted storytelling mechanisms–TV, radio, video, social media, and digital advertising.
With the Experience Design team, she developed the intent, theme and Experiences for the organization’s annual assemblies to celebrate, educate and inspire its more than 18,000 team members. And she led Sharp’s customer relationship marketing strategy, enhancing profitability through innovative patient acquisition and retention strategies. Her work as co-producer of Stories of the Sharp Experience, a documentary television program filmed in real time at Sharp hospitals and medical facilities, was also awarded an Emmy.

Prior to her role as Chief Business Officer, Angie was instrumental in the design and activation of the Experience Lab’s signature offerings, serving as executive producer of STIR and Inside Out.

The Kid’s Club snack display at Whole Foods. Staged at the 2’ to 3’ foot level and allows kids under the age of 12 to choose a healthy treat for free during each shopping visit. A simple way to surprise and delight--and a perfect example of designing and staging an Experience through the lens of children.

Perseverance. Known to be slightly obsessive over the details. Determined to connect dots and uncover bits of information to find solutions. Dedicated to perfecting “behind the scenes” minutia in order to stage magical and memorable Experiences for our Lab Partners.

“There Will Be Time” by Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maal

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” - Pablo Picaso